We want our customers to be our friends, offering them a concept where we ally the pure pleasure of eating a Francesinha to an easy, comfortable and happy environment.
We promote Food for Happiness!


We know the food cycle, from the seed and cultivation to the table. We are cosmopolitan but we grew up on the countryside.We know that using fresh and properly cultivated ingredients is reflected on the flavour and food quality.We are passionate about providing high quality and healthy food.We behave responsibly towards one another, our customers and the environment.We believe that our success depends on the recognition of our staff and the excellency of the service provided to our customers.
We associate FRHAPPY's food to happy moments.


We believe that honesty is the best policy regarding sustainability. We want to provide a sustainable environment: (treating people fairly) fair treatment , healthy eating, responsible marketing and community engagement. Concerning the environment, our use of recycled, biodegradable packaging, as well as our efforts on increasing energy efficiency, show a commitment towards environmental sustainability. Regarding the community, we have hired 18 local people from the nearby community to join our team and shared in our prosperity.
Our sourcing is based on fair trade and ethical??? proper meat and dairy, with consideration to the social and environmental impact of supply chain transportation.
From the customer's perspective, good taste and simplicity sum us up.
However, behind the scenes there is more detail ……
FRHAPPY promotes sustainability in our supply chain and farming methods, promoting an environment of innovation, and, at the same time, appealing to the typical traditions, without forgetting the more local Oporto customs (the most famous area for the Francesinha).
In our business, we use colours and material palettes which are linked to traditions, coupled with modern innovations between design and decor.
We use materials like steel, wood and stone and a colour palette based on white, brown, grey and red.
From the space perspective, as well as the service and food presentation, we create an environment where customers feel relaxed and at ease. That type of environment is quite appealing, both for those who want to enjoy a meal alone, as for those who wish to socialize.
Keeping our basic principles, we are able to adapt our shop design and decor and align it with the area and location from where we trade.

We care about Customer Experience

FRHAPPY’s customers expect a certain experience. To maintain our ideal level of customer experience, we have to be able to replicate the customer journey through a controlled process that is implemented each time. We give our staff adequate training, regarding the ingredients, culinary processes, attendance and behaviour, among other items. This is one of the ways we can keep our quality levels high, ensuring consistency throughout the customer's journey.
Another important aspect of our business is family. Kids are really important for us, and we want to offer them something more than food - special treats, such as beautifully handcrafted toys.
We focus on customer loyalty.


The letters FR stand for Real Food and FRancesinha, consisting on the first letters of the words.

Good food leaves us with a sense of well-being. Regardless of our state of mind, Francesinha cheer us up. When we feel tired or low, nothing is better than FRHAPPY food.